Top Design Features for Landscapes

landscape design for river and flower bed
landscape design for river and flower bed

With a well-kept outdoor landscaping, commercial properties will most definitely look stunning. Majority of clients will get attracted with a beautiful, well-maintained garden and the best part is – it helps boost the company’s reputation. Many business places are still unaware of the significant balance of having an eye-catching exterior space together with the interior space. Hence, it is also important to keep in mind that the first thing someone sees when walking into your business is the outdoor landscaping.

While having a well-maintained landscaping, it should all relate closely to what your business is about. Basically, the exterior part of your business speaks to your visitors. These landscape aspects should send out a message, whether it’s relaxing, therapeutic, sustainable, amusing, professional, or edgy. Whichever the message is, the landscape style theme should fit all together. So, here are a few commercial landscaping ideas that can amaze your customers while also improving the working environment for your employees.

Paving and Walkways

pathway built through landscape garden

Nobody wants to get lost when trying to find the front door of a building. Which is why a welcoming entryway is essential for a commercial building since it is used to invite your clients into the property. Highlighting the entryway and providing particular access to your business’s entry are all parts of creating a pleasant entrance.

Even the tiniest detail may elevate ordinary pavement into a whole new level when you decide on a single paving product. You may also display some character and personality by adding other fantastic features and minor twist to the walkway like stone streets, modern steppingstones, cobblestones, pavers, gravels, or many more. Some important aspects to be aware of, are the colour tones, shapes or patterns and sizes.

Lighting and Visibility

Outdoor lighting plays quite a role especially when the sun is not as bright as it normally would. Whether or not your business is operating at night, the use of bright and appealing colours can help to enhance your property’s appearance. Although outdoor lightings improve environmental safety, it also aids in your aesthetics’ enhancement and landscape at night. Your company’s building should be visible to everyone in all possible directions.

However, to maximize power consumptions, try installing LED lighting with automated timers or solar panels. These would look great along the paths and sidewalks leading to the parking area, making employees and clients feel much safer as they return to their vehicles.

Floral Garden

planting flowers in landscape flowerbed

A classic flower garden can complement almost any landscape by adding vibrant colours as well as liveliness to the space. But there are numerous aspects to consider if you want your flower garden to have a professional, fresh look – the type of plants, the colours, when they bloom, and the cost of maintenance for the long run. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend time doing something for a short period of time, right? With proper planning, all these can help to add on to your property’s style. Afterall, naturally, people are attracted to bright colours. So, having vibrant coloured plants would be eye-catching. Remember to consider plants that match well with your landscape and building’s aesthetic.

It would also be a plus point if you use flowers which can better represent your brand colour. This makes it easier for clients to remember you. However, for a pleasant aesthetic vibe, you can also consider raised flower beds if your property has not much of a lawn space.

Go Green

In most cases, when someone says the word green, our brain automatically imagines nature. This is because the colour green is frequently portrayed as a refreshing colour as it associates to nature. By ‘go green’, we actually meant adding bushes, shrubs or tree to your commercial landscape.

By adding greenery elements, it can help make your clients’ eyes calmer and also provide shade to your building. Moreover, if you wish to add a little bit of personality to your commercial landscaping, you may opt for topiary plants. These are trees, shrubs and subshrubs which can be shaped into all kinds of forms – geometric or fanciful. It can also act as a guide to your pathway or sidewalk. This of course requires regular maintenance to ensure the shapes are clearly defined.

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Water Garden

water feature created in landscape garden

Researchers believed that the neuronal waves in our brain can be in a calming state when we hear the sound of water (Universal Rocks, 2019). So, a water garden would be ideal if you are thinking of bringing the soothing sound of water and plants to your clients and employees. Whether you decide on a classic pond or a stream, it is significant that it blends creatively with your greenery. You may also opt to add exotic aquatic plants or fishes to get the most out of the water-like features.

Some fish breed you may consider are Goldfish or Koi fish, which symbolizes harmony, happiness, and prosperity. Besides, these nature-like features will attract birds and other wildlife which can bring the sound of peace to your clients.

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